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Tangentially Speaking

122 – Nikki Glaser (Comic)

By April 22, 2015September 14th, 2019One Comment

Nikki Glaser is a New York based stand-up comic who headlines at clubs all over North America, and has a project in development at Comedy Central. She’s found a way to laugh at her deepest fears. Plus, she wipes her ass with facewipes and her dentist gives her brain orgasms.

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Show Notes:

Unreleased Background (The Beach Boys)

Alibi (James Thomas)

Smoke Alarm (Carsie Blanton)

Dr. John Sarno (back pain doctor).

Ulcer story.

The Magic Wand.

James Prescott’s article on the origins of violence.

Sarah Silverman’s TED controversy.

Joseph Campbell.

One Comment

  • “These walls are closing in… but there is always a door, and it is always unlocked.”
    Even though I don’t always agree with everything said, I do love the honest exploration without (too much) judgement!

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