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Tangentially Speaking

276 – Floating Away with Duncan Trussell

By October 19, 2017September 14th, 2019No Comments

Duncan is a stand-up comic, writer, actor, podcast host, and occasional summoner of Satan. Few people make me think or laugh as hard as he does. We recorded this shortly after giving the keynote presentation together at the annual float tank conference in Portland, OR.


Music: “Bul Ma Min,” by Orchestra Baobab; “Simple Gifts,” performed by Yo-Yo Ma and Alison Krauss.”

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Introduction (00:00 – 15:19)(00:00) Chris in NYC to promote “Monogamish”, by Tao Ruspoli

(02:10) Pre-Order “Tangentially Reading”

(05:08) A new “Shrimp Parade” on the near horizon?

(08:13) Song 1: “Bul Ma Miin” by Orchestra of Baobob

Floating with Duncan Trussell (15:20 – 1:46:45)

(15:20) Keynote Speaking @ the Portland Float Conference

(17:00) Materialism and the sequential accretion of ‘things’

(21:26) Cleaning your life of possessions, loving what you have

(31:17) Yoga, giving vs. other ways of trading matter, alternate views on possessions

(35:11) Debt and Capitalist Voodoo, unrecognized magic, Siddy

(42:09) Downer Chris, Pollyanna Joe, and Techno Duncan, and how nukes get launched

(49:06) A future with AI, rising sea levels, and genetically programmed humans

(54:45) Wealth and access to new technologies

(57:00) The Frog Story and “Going for it”, racism via minimalization, modern sorcery

(1:05:44) A look at the life path of Duncan Trussell, is a van in Duncan’s future?

(1:12:37) Sainthood, modern blasphemy, American work ethic, selling debt, augmented reality

(1:22:00) Patreon supporters video stops here – camera battery issues

(1:22:29) American culture is a scam, Duncan and the Comedy Store, the generosity of Joe

(1:38:25) Success and when to stop squeezing the frog

(1:43:54) Duncan introduces the “Quaker Hymn”

(1:46:45) Song 2: “Quaker Hymn”

(1:50:57) Song 3: ”Smoke Alarm” by Carsie Blanton


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