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Tangentially Speaking

278 – Sol Sebastian (What is a man?)

By October 30, 2017September 14th, 2019No Comments

Sol Sebastian leads small groups of men on journeys into the African bush in search of a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. Sol’s site.

Download this episode. Music: “Kalicom,” by Julien Jacob.

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Show Notes:

Introduction (00:00 – 15:38)
(00:00) Meeting Sol, father figures, Sol’s website;
(06:32) Cacilda update, conventional medicine, travels to Peru
(09:00) Pre-Order “Tangentially Reading”
(11:32) Song 1: “Kalicom”, by Julien JacobSol Sebastian – What is Masculinity? (15:39 – 2:07:46)
(15:39) Men’s Genius Catalyst, native genius, presenting reality, expansive nature
(25:43) Choosing your identity, life orientation, existential accountability, removal from the native state
(34:49) Framework of 3 entities; Religion, State, and Brand, chaos of the unknown
(39:41) The original mindjob, acceptance of our caveman past, discontinuity
(43:47) Mothers and Fathers, mountains and valleys, intimacy and sovereignty, validation
(49:33) ROMA emails, critical thinking, conscience, stuck in the valley, initiation rituals, belonging
(58:06) The modern world, “Tribe”, love, aggression, sperm wars, testosterone
(1:08:48) How Sol got started, Melbourne youth, Anarchism, deconstructing life
(1:17:10) Mentors, Thailand, Chiang Mai, spiritual convergence
(1:28:38) Qigong, charlatans, Western vs. Eastern medicine, Shamanism
(1:38:16) Daoist sexuality, Western mentality, the game
(1:44:15) Multiple male orgasms, omni-orgasmic connections, being dick-centric
(1:50:31) Revisionism, redefining the orgasm, transcendental experiences, maturity
(1:58:37) Unthinking, knowledge and wisdom, being part of “It”
(2:07:47) Outro
(2:11:04) Song 2: “Smoke Alarm” by Carsie Blanton

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