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Tangentially Speaking

279 – Cacilda (Going to Peru)

By November 1, 2017September 14th, 2019No Comments

No Comments

  • Kevin Ionno says:

    I discovered your podcast a couple of months ago and have really enjoyed your guests as well as the conversational style you have with them. This interview with Cacilda missed the boat however.

    Although, Cacilda admitted to being nervous, I think the problem was your nervousness, maybe at interviewing your wife. It seemed you never gave her the space to unfold her thoughts and I really wanted to hear more about her hopes and fears concerning her new venture.

    Sometimes a conversation needs momentary silence to allow ideas to take shape. Here you just seemed anxious to finish her thoughts for her. I believe she would have taken off into interesting territory if she had been given time.

    Look forward to a return to form and to hear Cacilda when she returns.

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