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Tangentially Speaking

280 – Michael Aranda (“C-List Internet Celebrity”)

By November 2, 2017September 14th, 2019No Comments

Michael is a musician, vlogger, and strikingly deep thinker.

Music: “Alberton,” by Michael Aranda; “Strawberry Letter 23,” by Shuggie Otis and The Brother’s Johnson; “Waiting for the End,” by Linkin Park.

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Episode 280: Michael Aranda (C-list Internet Celebrity)

Michael is a musician, vlogger, and strikingly deep thinker.


Introduction (00:00 – 17:51)

(00:00) intro music from Michael Aranda, eclipse advert, the honor system, advertising

(09:04) Pre-Order “Tangentially Reading”

(10:42) Moab, “Desert Solitaire”, music

(15:38) Song 1: “Strawberry Letter 23”, by Shuggie Otis


Interview: (17:52 – 1:39:04)

(17:52) Meeting Michael, defining millennials, growing up with porn, travel troubles, connections

(29:48) The musician, influence, stripped-down tunes, magical music

(36:00) Song 2: “Strawberry Letter 29”, performed by the Brothers Johnson

(40:32) Music is mathematical, suicide and retroactive legitimacy, finding your creation

(49:50) Writing like a dog shits, family life, religion, truth, agnostic atheism, R. Dawkins

(1:01:51) Raised religious, trying drugs, resistance, J. Campbell and reality, everything’s Zen

(1:12:33) Vlogging, Geology for kids, C. Darwin, understanding the Earth

(1:16:27) Becoming a C-list internet celebrity, respect for differing views, God’s advice

(1:20:04) film school, health problems, YouTube, stuck in France, job landed, studio life

(1:26:03) Passion projects, life w/o the internet, Michael’s daily Vlog, attracting subscribers

(1:37:12) Quality vs. quantity, lacking empathy

(1:39:04) Song 3: “In the End”, by Lincoln Park

(1:42:56) Outro

(1:46:14) Song 4: “Smoke Alarm” by Carsie Blanton


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Music: Basin and Range

Music: Carsie Blanton

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