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Tangentially Speaking

285 – Liam and Allison

By November 25, 2017September 14th, 2019No Comments

My friends Liam and Allison confronted every parent’s worst nightmare when their 8 year-old son fall off a 40-foot cliff, just an arm’s length away from them. We talk about how their confrontation with their own helplessness changed their approach to parenting, work, marriage, and ultimately every aspect of their lives. Download.

Allison’s site. Dick’s Kitchen. My conversation with Murphy, their older son is here.

Music: “Wish I Knew You,” by The Revivalists.

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Show Notes:

Introduction (00:00 –21:08)

(00:00) A very special episode, legal freedom to speak, episode popularity, Sufi Islam, Rumi

(09:47) The transcribers, pride in community accomplishment, Pre-Order “Tangentially Reading”

(12:47) Upcoming ‘Shrimp Parade’, ISO social media help, promoting Tangentially Speaking

(15:59) Song 1: “Wish I Knew You” by The Revivalists


Interview: (21:09 – 2:09:12)

(21:09) PDX friends, Murphy (TS Ep. 121), landing in Portland, love of the outdoors

(27:16) Story 1: Silver Falls State Park, broken rail and broken bones, saved by the ass

(37:16) Time to heal, holding it together, support, coming to grips with death, letting go

(44:02) Radical honesty, anxiety, fear causes hesitation, grief, compartmentalizing emotion

(52:57) The medical establishment, bills, parenting, facing death through proxy

(1:01:31) Intention, being the guide, learning to play again, being big brother

(1:11:43) Independent Murphy, parental trust, online trolls, Free Range Parenting, coming of age

(1:18:43) Wilson’s NDE, Sex Ed., fucking weird things, authenticity, relationship crisis,

(1:29:24) Liam’s a screamer, release, father/son competition, acceptance, earning respect

(1:37:05) Grandpa’s advice, the butterfly effect, divorce

(1:40:11) Story 2: Donating a kidney, Liam’s friend Kenny, finding the match, destiny and stress

(1:55:43) Donor life expectancy, if the tables were turned, fuck off Dave, altruism

(2:03:53) Kenny’s YouTube: RK Strength Training, Allison’s Podcast: “Integrate Yourself”, Dick’s Kitchen

(2:09:13) Outro

(2:12:30) Song 2: “Smoke Alarm” by Carsie Blanton


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