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Tangentially Speaking

291 – Micah Springer (Author/Traveler)

By December 17, 2017September 14th, 2019No Comments

Micah and a friend had been traveling for a year in Africa when she met a Samburu herdsman and quickly fell in love. Her memoir of that voyage is called The Keepers of The Story.


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Show Notes:

Introduction (00:00 – 20:28)

(00:00) SoCal fires, Intro to Micah, listener-suggested guest

(01:38) Trans-cultural relationships, Chris’s 3 major relationships, attracted to differences

(05:50) Simon Rex – co-host, a hazy shade of nostalgia, life becomes haunted, truth or culture

(10:28) Peru plans changed, update on Cacilda’s ‘dieta’, taking the leap

(14:00) Intro to Guitarist Bill Fricell, Song 1: “Nowhere Man”, by Bill Fricell


Interview: (20:29 – 1:59:09)

(20:29) “Keeper of The story”, an off-grid trip to Africa, Post Restaurant, being unreachable

(25:00) Naivety, overblown fears breaking down the book, the Samburu people

(29:39) The idyllic village, trip itinerary, dropping social consciousness, “I’m here”

(35:42) Human brain shifts, symbolic representation, tribal language, the poet’s take

(41:44) Harrowing travels, skinny-dipping with crocodiles, master the ignorance

(51:39) Magic of belief, travel and gut flora, GHB and Vegas, the Ryan diet

(59:01) Yoga, mom’s witchy ways, visiting her African family, learning from Nomads, old people

(1:05:13) When to plant a tree, vipassana meditation, the feminine aspect

(1:06:36) Addressing the elephant, horny in Africa, Micah’s Lover, playing with masculinity

(1:16:58) Tribal relationships, the introduction of shame, meeting her Lover

(1:27:11) People are sexual, an offended editor, fucked like a lion, beautiful vulnerability

(1:32:54) Moving beyond guilt, public sex in a hut, village noises, kissing and oral sex

(1:40:00) Defining a ‘pecan sandy’, sex with study subjects, illuminating the tribal people

(1:45:48) After Africa, pregnant, marriage, returning to Africa, approximating spirituality

(1:49:47) Editor acceptance, the publishing process, recycled paper

(1:53:21) Outro

(1:56:39) Song 2: “Smoke Alarm” by Carsie Blanton


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