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Tangentially Speaking

293 – Malcolm Fleschner & Simon Rex (TYT Producer/Actor)

By December 21, 2017September 14th, 2019No Comments

Show Notes (by Nate of the North):

Introduction (00:00 – 08:42)

(00:00) Intro to Simon “Dirt Nasty” & Malcolm, intro to listener advertisement

(04:09) A shitty businessman, Reza’s house, travel update

(05:16) A listener’s Patreon plea


Interview: (08:33 – 2:58:34)

(08:33) From the Young Turks HQ, pretentious words, intro to the two Kings

(15:33) Malcolm’s world, jack of all trades, crowdfunding Mariguana, being raw

(26:58) Media neutrality, Shep Smith, teleprompters, Matt Damon & harassment, bad actors

(38:29) Palpable tension, the 90’s, Monica Lewinsky, reacting to online feedback

(44:59) Malcolm the escort, “worse than Hitler”, dark humor and culture

(50:04) Online misunderstandings, texting, phone dependence, obligation and replies

(55:23) Books on dating, the Rosa Parks of pimping, Ted Cruz stories, open corruption

(1:05:58) Views on cellphones, explaining “Friends”, Paris’s phone trick

(1:09:42) Chris’s doppelganger, historic sensitivity, feeding fear, the juicy stuff

(1:22:35) Talking sports, Rupert Murdoch, the life of Simon, editing favors & mistakes

(1:30:38) Names and first meets, is ‘black’ PC, the squatty potty, twisted rectums

(1:45:34) Real jobs, subservience, “Dirt Nasty”, becoming what you parody, Gilligan’s Island

(1:54:02) Meeting celebs, meeting fans, word pronunciations

(2:01:02) Malcolm and the abortion clinic, dealing with protesters, righteousness

(2:14:21) The Young Turks holiday party, podcast videos

(2:17:33) Discussing “Sex @ Dawn”, everyone has an opinion, publishers and agents

(2:33:36) “S@D” – reactions and hypocrisy, relationship literature, sacrifice, masturbation

(2:44:26) “Black List” talent agency, politics and collateral death, “Civilized to Death”

(2:52:26) Closing banter, “daddy”, peeing in sinks


(2:58:35) Outro

(3:01:51) “Smoke Alarm” by Carsie Blanton


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