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304 – Zhana Vrangalova (Sex Educator/Researcher)

By February 12, 2018September 14th, 2019No Comments

Zhana is a NYC-based sex researcher, writer, podcaster, and educator. She has a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Cornell University, where she studied how different aspects of sexuality (especially casual sex/promiscuity and mostly heterosexuality) are linked to health and well-being. Currently an adjunct professor at the NYU Psychology department, Zhana teaches the first Human Sexuality course offered there in a long, long time.

Zhana’s Twitter. Her podcast is called The Science of Sex.

Music: “The Animal I Am,” and “Smoke Alarm,” by Carsie Blanton.


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  • Jon says:

    Thank you Chris for exposing us to different guests that we wouldn’t have found otherwise. Her Science Of Sex Podcast is great. I have listened to at least half of the episodes and plan to listen the rest. It’s very science focused. Nearly every episode they invite a new researcher and discuss their published paper together. The co-host is great and his experience in radio shows. They have a great dynamic together and fun to listen to. As you would expect, she is quite open-minded and she has shows a broad view of the field, occasionally talking about other theories in psychology like the self-determination theory, which I’m a big fan of. In other words, that was a gem reference.

    Now my dream is for you to talk with some of her guests, like Dr. James Pfaus who has wizard knowledge of the neurobiology and female anatomy, but at the same time he seems to very passionate about the human aspect of it, about studying pleasure and the idealism behind it. I’m sure if you both talk, it will be very interesting and you’ll find a lot of common ground and shared philosophy.

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