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313 – Tony Drewry (Terlingua Adventure Beer Company)

By March 27, 2018October 9th, 2019No Comments

Tony was our door into Terlingua, Texas. Thanks to his quick response to an Instagram message, we met some of the good folks of that amazing little town, and ended up staying way longer than we’d planned. If you get out that way, drop in at his bar: TABC (Terlingua Adventure Beer Company), and give him a big hug from us. Download.

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  • Elam Blackman says:

    I know another excellent terlingua person you should meet. Trevor Reichman. He built a dome out there. He’s a singer songwriter I met at the Kerrville Folk Festival. Which you should also attend. It’s 18 days long. Been going since 1972. Kerrville is the heartbeat of songwriters. They gather there to get away from the BS. So many amazing people.
    Trevor has a unique perspective. He was born in South Africa and travels regularly from WV to TX. He cares deeply about west texas and the earth. He got fired from his regular gig when he stood up against the pipeline. The venue was owned by the company pushing the Dakota Access Pipeline. He also has another beautiful wall song for you. We once did a tour together on Amtrak. Look him up.

    PS- Duncan and I were in college together. Haven’t seen that guy since 1997. But we were on student activities together. Seems like a lifetime ago.

  • I’m Mexican, and have no problem admitting Corona is crap, only good when dying of thirst and it’s either that or water.

    Bohemia and Negra Modelo are my local weapons of choice. Really wish there were true stout options, though –there’s a nascent industry of artisanal beers going on, but when it comes to deciding between a $90 pesos sixpack or twice as much for the fancy shmancy ones, the hole in my wallet makes it a no-brainer.

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