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Tangentially Speaking

314 – Wil Forbis (Musician/Author/Smartypants)

By April 2, 2018September 14th, 2019No Comments

I came across Wil’s blog years ago, while researching primate penises (it was called “My So-Called Penis), and have been a fan of his insightful, comic take on life ever since. We finally got together on his back porch in San Diego a decade later. Wil has a book called Acid Logic.

What more do you need? Wil’s site.

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  • Miguel Romero says:

    You should interview Dean Radin, who is the chief scientist in the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and has recently published a book titled Real Magic. This is a man who has studied psi phenomena under strict scientific protocols, and is now unashamedly stating Magic is real, so we should deal with it.

    There’s a real paradigm change going on right in front of our eyes. Skeptics like Shermer and Harris may not want to openly admit it, but like Radin said in a recent interview "no one ever made a statue in honor of a critic."

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