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Tangentially Speaking

319 – Andrew Couch (Monkeytooth Podcast)

By May 2, 2018September 14th, 2019No Comments

Andrew is living the dream. A few days after recording this, he, his wife, and a dog named Pele set off for Argentina via the Arctic Circle (the scenic route). Follow their peregrinations via their site, where you’ll find a blog, photos, and the latest episodes of their podcast. You can hear Andrew interviewing me a few hours previous to this recording at

Music: “Waltz for Rain,” by Leo DiSanto.

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  • Really cool conversation. I might have to check out the Monkey Tooth podcast 😉

    Re. Ringo I once had a conversation with a practicing magician –not rabbit-in-the-hat prestidigitation but REAL magick– and he told me every group needs to have at least one member who is the less psychically gifted of all, but whose role is to keep the rest ‘grounded’ in everyday reality, lest they risk going to the deep end of the rabbit hole.

    So IMO every band needs its Ringo: the less talented in the group yet the one who keeps John and Paul from going at each other’s throats, or to snap George out of his hare-krishna stuppor because they have a recording to make 😉

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