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Tangentially Speaking

326 – In Jake Johannsen’s Man-Cave

By June 19, 2018September 14th, 20193 Comments


  • Philip Ayr says:

    Yes!!! Fantastic guest! Love Jake.

  • The ‘rules’ on humor and whether jokes can transcend the barriers of language and nationalities are hard to discern.

    Take for instance my dad: He used to be a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory, which might not sound that surprising until you realize (a) My dad is Mexican –so in order to ‘get’ the gags he needs to read the subitles; and (b) he’s 78 years old, therefore one would think that MOST of the cultural references and geek humor of the show would fly past him. And yet every time I catched him watching the show, he was always laughing his ass off.

    I suspect that for him the appeal on the series was NOT the geek references themselves, but the dynamic of the characters and their quizzical personalities. So go figure!

    PS: Lately my dad has been binge-watching Friends on Netflix 🙂

  • Ali says:

    I feel like „ass hat“ is just another way of saying „asset“ in a snarky way. ?

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