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331 – Michael Reynolds (Earthships)

By July 26, 2018September 14th, 20194 Comments

Michael has devoted his life to the simple, radical notion that a home can provide the essential elements of a good life: shelter, food, water, waste management, and energy. His designs for Earthships provide all of this and more, as they’re largely made from discarded materials: tires, bottles, cans, and so on. If your home can provide what you need, you’ve suddenly become free, revolutionary, and very dangerous. This is a very serious guy.

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  • Jahed says:

    Awesome! I just did his build in Puerto Rico June 20-30, amazing work, and great possibilities against state repression, lived anarchism, etc


  • Edgar Vare'se says:

    "It’s so radical." No it isn’t. Chris is a quasi-hippie nerd late to the party. Hippies came up with this some time ago. Thoreau ate at his Mother’s ouse. So did Andy Warhol.

  • Tyson says:

    The woman with the amazing voice at the beginning says her podcast is Vidas en Arte y Movimiento. Took me a relistening to catch it. Just downloaded a bunch of her shows to practice my Spanish listening. Very excited thanks Chris! link here:

  • Vanessa says:

    Christoper Ryan!
    For the past 2 years you have added so much to my day and my perspective…many Many times over. And Michael Reynolds/ Earthships is right up there.

    So all in all, this seems like a pretty superficial comment ….but I tell you what, your intro reflects re zombies, Santa Fe and baby boomers had me pretty much stitched up and bent over. (I think because it was the first comment on the whole subject of zombies that I’ve ever completely agreed with. Outta nowhere!)

    Perhaps it could all be summed up thus –

    Anyways. Keep up what you’re doing mate, you’re one of the good things in the world. … Vx

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