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340 – Ricardo Serpa (Photojournalist/Epic Motorcycle Trips)

By September 10, 2018September 14th, 20192 Comments


  • Nitin Chandel says:

    Man this was one of my most favorite podcasts. Kindred spirits for real. From Pele, to Brazil to motorcycles to the wandering spirit and the entire immigrant experience. I felt such a connection within the first 30 mins that I paused the podcast and invited Mr Serpa for dinner. Wasn’t until later that I learnt about his route which goes no where near MA.
    Not to mention that in the past year or so I have made friends with more Brazilians doing BJJ than with any other ethnic group.LOVED IT.

  • Sounds like a motorcycle journey to Ushuaia with Ricardo as your wingman would indeed be a fine chapter for that book idea you have. It would be like a version of Motorcycle Diaries, by two men who are old enough to know they will not be alive to see the coming revolution 😉

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