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343 – Mr. Money Mustache (Badass Financial Advisor)

By September 24, 2018September 14th, 20192 Comments


  • Great discussion, but I think it omitted one really big issue: Healthcare costs. Which happens to be a really big issue in America, particularly when you pass the 40’s threshold. What does Mr. Money Mustache do when his kid needs to go tot he dentist?

    Also, not because I particularly disagree, but one problem I see with choosing a career by your 30’s is that the older you get, the hardest it is to secure a job in most companies. So if you finish college by 35, and most of the job offers out there specify the age limit to 35, you’re already ‘retiring’ material just when you’re starting on the launching pad –at least that’s the way it is in countries like Mexico.

  • Lili says:

    I don’t have pensions etc either. Happy times 😁 Happy I came to your blog !

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