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Tangentially Speaking

346 – Wednesday Martin (Author of Untrue/Expert on Female Sexuality)

By October 7, 2018September 14th, 20197 Comments


  • So good!
    Fun question to explore.
    If male arousal is more external (visible erections) and socially obvious wouldn’t it make sense that male arousal is more influenced by social norms than females? And illuminate part of why males can be so rigid in what turns them on and females seem more fluid in what turns them on.
    This came up in the section around the research on arousal being generally misrepresented/interpreted around 50 min and I heard the opposite spoken in a fragment (that females are more influenced by social norms of what’s acceptable to be aroused by)

  • Ann says:

    Of course I bought it. Before I heard the entire podcast!

  • Neil Vivyan Rickmikeson says:

    Did y’ever consider a chit chat with Jenny Wade, author of Transcendent Sex ? She’s got a lot to say but doesn’t really address the public very often.

  • J says:

    I usually love your podcasts Chris, but this one left me utterly disappointed.
    Wednesday is clearly pushing an identity politics agenda. Some of the points are interesting but I hear no cohesive theory on her part – just some cherry picked observations and extrapolations to prove whatever point she is trying to make in the moment.
    As a marriage therapist, I can see her perspectives being unhelpful as frequently as they are helpful with herteronormarive couples – my humble opinion – because there is a (probably unhelpful) condemning of what works and is good for some couples that goes along with the (probably helpful) perspectives/interpretations that women are as sexual as men and that their needs need to be attended to with greater care.

  • I’m halfway through her book. OMG, so much resonates with me. The instinctual me, not the broken by society me.

  • Ingo says:

    Hi Christopher,
    this is a not a comment specific to this very podcast. I heard in one of the recent one this song, from a lady singer, and in the chorus was the line somewhat like ‘I don’t wanna spoil the end, we’re all gonna die’. What the name of the song and band, if you’d be so kind to tell me, I can’t find it myself. And in general, love what you do, how you do it, the calmness and thoughtfullness of it all. Thank you man, all the best.
    Greetings from Germany

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