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347 – Charris Ford (Rapper/Environmental Activist/Very Cool Dude)

By October 15, 2018October 9th, 20195 Comments


  • Derek says:

    This guys name should be ‘hypocrite ford’ he talks so much hypocritical bullshit
    Says people should stop having kids but what is so special about his two kids
    Why didn’t he use a condom
    Not everyone hassle perfect life like he has where he lives in first world country with his own fucking farm and people who drop by to erect finses to let other people know what is his and what do3s not belong to anyone else

    • Christopher Ryan says:

      Thanks for your comment. To be clear, he and his family are care-takers on someone else’s farm. They don’t own the place.

    • Charris says:

      Hi Derek, I appreciate you saying that everyone does not have the advantages of living in a first world country but I never said that my kids were more special than others. In fact, in the entire 98 minute podcast, I only made one statement about kids, saying that I think it would be a wonderful if humans had less children. Don’t you agree with that idea? I am not perfect by any means but to say in a public forum like this that someone "talks so much hypocritical bullshit" is extremely unkind. I listened to the podcast and if anything I’d say that I talk too much, too fast and that I (perhaps falsely) assume that anyone would give a shit what I think. I am comfortable with those judgments. But calling a guy a hypocrite when he devoted his life to environmental education seems like a good reason for you to ask yourself a few important questions like; What does it take for someone not to be a hypocrite in your eyes? Do you know anyone who devoted their life to making things better and did it perfectly? Why are you judging me so harshly for having kids? Is everyone who had kids and also cares for the Earth an asshole? Did your parents care about the Earth? We have 2 kids and our first one was born 17 years ago, things weren’t perfect then but they weren’t bat-shit crazy like they are today. If we were considering having a family in the current world of rapidly increasing and dramatic global crisis, I can assure you we would decide not to have kids today. In closing, I could not make sense of your last sentence that said; "people who drop by to erect finses to let other people know what is his and what do3s not belong to anyone else", what were you trying to say there? Thanks for considering my response and all the best to you, Charris

  • Malachai says:

    Hey Derek, The only hypocritical bullshit as far as I can tell from the conversation is having kids. As far as I can tell he walked the talk. He dropped out of college to help his mom and spent time being an activist, what else do you want from this guy as far as being in the first world and giving back goes?

    The kids thing I feel like is a tough question. You could have less people to potentially suffer and consume resources, but also less people who could work to undo harm and impact people’s lives. Do I get a vasectomy at 20 or wait and see if I feel like I find circumstances that could turn out a really great kid? That’s a question I ask myself a lot.

    If you spot any other hypocritical bullshit though let me know cause it’s probably bullshit I share with the guy that I’m blind to as someone who wants to live a similar life

  • Chris Brown says:

    Here’s the Jerry Seinfeld speech he was talking about

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