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Tangentially Speaking

377 – Charles Eisenstein (Author/Philosopher)

By May 15, 2019September 14th, 20194 Comments


  • Why would it be so difficult to come up with a decent cover for the book? A simple idea would be to put a grasshopper next to a locust, or a wolf next to a Chihuahua dog, showing one represents our ancestors, and the other one modern humans.

    Maybe you should tell your publisher to watch the movie Baraka. If that doesn’t spark good visual images about the sorry state of our industrialized world, nothing will.

  • Pete S says:

    Chris regarding the comment about the Korean person it shows a lack of respect for other cultures. It sounds like he didn’t mean to cause offense but it looks like he did? All that’s necessary is an acknowledgement and everyone can move on. I think you’re capable of a more balanced view than the one you’re presenting here.

  • joe peeer says:

    ur economy is net negative…example: more restaurant close and lose money, than all the restaurant combined,,, make money.
    more startups lose money, than all the successful ones combined.
    the gains from a commune, such as less crime and chronic diseases. never factor in ur financial models. and thats by design.
    any way, all the knowing and truth, aint gonna do u no good…ur powerless and meaningless. the present iz a gift….
    thnk u Mr Chris.

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