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390 – Tony Perrottet (Sexual Lives of Che and Fidel)

By August 22, 2019October 3rd, 20193 Comments

Tony Perrottet is a journalist and author fascinated by the area where history and sexuality overlap. His latest book, Cuba Libre, includes lots of new material on the sexual lives of Fidel, Che, and the other characters (including many women) who pulled off what may be the most audacious revolution in history. He’s written other books about the Naked Olympics and Napoleon’s Privates. You get the idea.

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Music: “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range; “Don’t You Miss Me” by Seamus Og; “Smoke Alarm,” by Carsie Blanton.


  • JOE peeer says:

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  • Ann says:

    Hi Chris!

    Do you have that link for Barbara Williamson and Sandstone Retreat?

  • Re. JFK assassination, I think the role of Oswald’s trip to Mexico has never been fully investigated. Mexican authorities informed the CIA that Oswald was speaking with the Cubans –perhaps to inform them of his plans to kill JFK and arrange his residency in Cuba once he escaped; perhaps to warn them that there were plans to kill JFK and put the blame on them to justify another invasion; who knows. The thing is intelligence agencies were informed of his presence and dealings with Cuban agents, and they decided to do nothing. Here I suspect the CIA was hesitant to duly inform the FBI because they didn’t want to disclose the fact that Oswald had been working as a double agent for them –the fact he was allowed to return to the United States after defecting to the USSR and disclosing sensitive information to the Soviets without being charged with treason is evidence someone high up in the food chain was protecting him.

    I went to the Dealey Plaza in 2016. It really changes your perspective about that event when you actually visit the place, because now I think Oswald could have actually shot Kennedy from the book depository building, although there are other places where backup shooters could have been placed. Also the fact that H. W. Bush couldn’t remember where he was that fateful day sounds fishy as hell. I guess I still leave room for a conspiracy, but a more nuanced and complicated one than the one that is portrayed in Oliver North’s movie.

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