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392 – Daniel (Former Marine/SWAT)

By September 2, 2019September 14th, 20193 Comments

Not Daniel – Stock Photo of Marine

After over a decade carrying a gun (first with the Marines in Iraq and then as a member of a SWAT team), Daniel is now living off the grid in Idaho with his family, starting a different kind of life. We go deep into what it means to be a man, how to integrate caring and courage, and whether the military is a good place to get one’s life together.

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Music: “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range; “Low Rider,” by War; “Smoke Alarm,” by Carsie Blanton.


  • Robert Reinu says:

    Man Chris! That Sex at dawn audiobook idea you have would be epic! I would love to listen that!

    Do it, please 🙂

    Cheers, Robert

  • Derek says:

    Hi Chris
    I’m listening here from Ireland and I find this episode pretty disgusting. listening to this guy justifying his involvment in a organisation that invaded and destroyed a country that had no weapons of mass destruction. Destableising the middle east and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people who don’t have the weaponry that America has.
    This bullshit argument that they were making America safe and protecting their freedom is a joke
    America has created more enemys and made the world a more dangerous place all because of their greed for oil so they can ride their 6 litre cars round whilst innocent people try pick up the pieces of their destroyed lives in these countrys they destroy
    This guy should hang his head in shame for what the organisation he joined has done
    Its the luck of God that he wasn’t born in one of these country’s that America destroys
    He should spare a thought for the poor people there and what they have to deal with
    Sadam was not a great guy but what American military has done has made life way worse for them
    American military=evil satanic and sick hypocritical

  • joe peeer says:

    we reckon its about the war, more than it is about the oil.
    ever notice,,, ur weapons dont do well in inclement weather, or where there is thick foliage.
    all ur skirmish’s are in clear weather, open spaces…
    great episode ,,,thnk u both….

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