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396 – Video ROMA 1

By October 7, 2019 2 Comments

This is the soundtrack to the first Video ROMA I recorded for the good folks who support the podcast via my new web site. I found the experience to be surprisingly intimate. Talked about the thing I love most yet know the least about, and the ways I keep the darkness at bay. For as little as $2/month, you get a monthly video ROMA, access to all the podcast-related ebooks (so far, Tangentially Reading, and Tangentially Talking Drugs — Tangentially Talking Sex coming soon). I decided to make this one available to everyone. I’ll keep doing occasional ROMAs on this open platform, but not as often.

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Music: “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range; “Life Upside Down” by Brett Newski; “Smoke Alarm,” by Carsie Blanton.


  • Avatarjoe says:

    chriS we hear u got perturbed by patreon. Censoring seems 2 b the issue.
    Ur show iz. Who exacts the force, who’s sensing and seizing up ur ring ?
    Some algo,,, pateron is a wanna b tech company. If u feel like u in d know.
    Help them figure out a better algo. Shall we branch out from the complainers ?
    the source. Meta data, And c what common complaint they come on with. Note?)>
    We figure out censoring parameters,
    we help the machine. = bttr prrmter. btter sense ring.
    Another algo, the music u TALK UP.
    who else ever hear of it, and what would they censor.
    U C Chris, that algo would correlate “allowed” and “preferred” “vicinity vibrations.”
    Thts quite the helping hand u could b ,,, ContaCt patreon. Hw do u feel ? Sort it out.

  • Avatarpeter says:

    Should there be a video recording of this episode? Can’t find it. Why there is a “Video” name in the title?

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