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Tangentially Speaking

397 – Mike Brancatelli (Mikeadelic Podcast)

By October 13, 2019October 15th, 20195 Comments

For 3 1/2 Years, Mike was the co-host of the popular libertarian podcast, Part Of The Problem with stand up comic & Fox News regular Dave Smith. He now hosts his own podcast called Mikeadelic, which focuses on the benefits of psychedelics and our right to cognitive liberty. He’s lived in Peru, helped get psilocybin legalized in Denver, and was a stand up comic for 3 years in New York.

To hear more from Mike, listen to Episode #31 of A Millennial’s Guide to Saving the World.

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Music: “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range; “Back in the High Life Again,” by Warren Zevon; “Smoke Alarm,” by Carsie Blanton.


  • Dan says:

    Who was the name of the Author that was the one who wrote in a raw and honest way, the precursor to Bukowski?

  • John says:

    As a Caucasian who has lived in Asia for almost 30 years I can confirm that “we all look alike” to Asians. For example, hair is not black to them, it is varying degrees of black, all with different words, in many cultures. Asian look at nose shape and especially cheek bone shape. With skin there are many shades of Asian skin. Japanese talk a lot about “Shoyuu Gao.” Translated as “Soy Face.” Westerners have no relevant comparison to understand this description.

    Most important in many Asian cultures is whether you have a fold in your eye lid (50% of Japanese have a fold, others do not).

    It is fascinating and illuminating to understand these differences. What differences Asians do see with Caucasians is we are taller and bigger in many repspects…but that is about it.

    A good comparison is how in Thai language there is a sound “Ma.” In Thai it is pronounced with 5 different tones, all sounding similar to those not used to tonal languages. Yet all completely different words in Thai that sound completely different as dog and cat sound to English speakers.

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