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Tangentially Speaking

401 – ROMA 34

By December 2, 20192 Comments


  • Nas says:

    What’s Joe Rogan really like ? Only joking 🙂

    Love these Roma ! More please !

  • My condolences to you and Peggy for the loss of Nacho. Your loving reminiscence of him reminded me of something I read in the journal of Jacques Vallee: he became friends with a group of jolly pagans who lived near a ranch he used to own in Mendocino, California, and one day they invited him to a 3-way wedding in which a woman got married to two men. What was interesting to Vallee about the ceremony was that aside from the expected exchange of vows between the bride and the two grooms, the grooms themselves *also* exchanged vows between them –“you are the brother of my heart,” they said to one another. I feel that if we could coin a word which expressed the meaning of that phrase, that might probably come close to what you felt for Nacho.

    Descanse en Paz.

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