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404 – Michael Trainer (Peak Mind Podcast)

By January 5, 2020January 7th, 2020One Comment

One Comment

  • I liked this conversation a lot. I felt at times Michael was tempted to switch into “elevator pitch” mode with his talking points about we needing more geniuses like Bill Gates, but overall he handled himself pretty well when you threw a bunch of weird curve balls at him –“Hitler was a genius too, man” 😉

    He seems to be one of those ‘grounded’ optimists who don’t fall for the shallowness of most progressive activist campaigns. We’re not gonna save the world merely by banning plastic straws and plastic coffee cups, but we do need to find reasonable strategies which manage to engage the public on an emotional –and intellectual– level, otherwise politicians will never feel pressured enough to enact real changes in our policies.

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