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405 – Matt Holloway and Michelle Davis (Thug Kitchen)

By January 10, 20202 Comments

Matt Holloway and Michelle Davis put the thuggery into Thug Kitchen, a multi-media empire built around the idea of eating like you give a f*ck and writing like you don’t. These two came from nowhere with nothing but a great idea and the courage to stick to their guns. Now look at them!

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  • Rod Miller says:

    Listened to this a few days ago, on the eve — it turned out — of the Warren/Sanders episode. Which reminded me of what you said about Ehrenreich. So true.
    I’ve no doubt Warren is lying. Be that as it may, for my part I DO believe that a female challenger would have a HUGE handicap against Donald, all other things being equal. He would skilfully “weaponize” (trendy verb there, eh?) misogyny in his favour. He’s robbed of that possibility by a male challenger.
    Does this make me a sexist? Afraid not.

    Think I will order Thug Kitchen. I’m 64 and my life-long I’ve been taken to task for bad language. So I doubt I fall into the Prude category. Sometimes I’ve sincerely failed to take account of context and measure my register accordingly. At others I’ve secretly enjoyed the reaction it provoked — when I thought a reaction needed provoking. In any case it’s a freedom I’ve accorded myself when I thought I could get away with it or just plain blundered along saying whatever I felt like saying.

    Anyway, it struck me that with these people you interviewed it was the Opposite of freedom. Particularly that lady, who seemed more than a trifle hyper — perhaps intimidated by the microphone. She in particular is absolutely Enslaved by “fuck” & “shit”. A compulsion. Kinda sad.

    I first went to Thailand and the region a few years before you. Even then, places like BKK were hell on wheels already. But nothing like today. I’m glad I saw these cities when they were still halfway livable, though I wish I’d seen them in the Old Days. Ah well, it’s like everything else, and like the principle of quantum physics, I guess, that you can’t study something without changing it.

    All thanks to the high-bypass turbofan engine.


  • Great episode. The entitlement of Vegans always reminded me of the arrogance of most “big S” skeptics (that’s how we call in my neck of the woods those who have the arrogant “it can’t be therefore it isn’t ” attitude toward paranormal phenomena). They love to belittle and insult all those “dum-dums” who believe in ghosts and psychics, not realizing the way they deliver their message makes most people double down on their beliefs.

    I also agree with the Thug Kitchen duo that the way companies address the environmental impact of their products is totally unfair for the consumer. Right now in Mexico City plastic bags in supermarkets and convenience stores have been banned, and consumers are trying to cope because we genuinely feel all of us most do our part to diminish the amount of plastic we produce. But if you analyze ALL the products on the aisles of these supermarkets, most of them are still packaged with a gazillion tons of plastic. Why haven’t these companies invested in developing to package their products in less wasteful ways? Because profits always trump public responsibility.

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