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434 – Monk Yun Rou (Daoist Monk, Martial Arts, Author)

By September 1, 20203 Comments

Daoist Monk Yun Rou (his name means Soft Cloud) has been called the new Alan Watts for his Daoist teachings and the zen Gabriel Garcia-Marquez for his works of magical realism set in China. Born Arthur Rosenfeld in New York City, he received his academic education at Yale, Cornell, and the University of California. He was ordained a monk at the Chun Yang (Pure Yang) Daoist Temple in Guangzhou, China. His award-winning books, optioned for film in both Hollywood and Asia, bridge spirituality, philosophy, and history. From 2010 – 2013, he hosted the national public television show Longevity Tai Chi with Arthur Rosenfeld.

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  • Yun Rou’s mention of his book Turtle Planet reminded me of the book The Gentleman and the Faun: Encounters with Pan and the Elemental Kingdom, by Robert Ogilvie Crombie (1899-1975) a British mathematician who claimed actual encounters and communications with the spirits of Nature. He was a co-founder of the famous Findhorn community you once visited.

  • Victor says:

    Please follow up on another episode, he had a fascinating rythm and experience!

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