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Tangentially Speaking

445 – Tim Cahill (Adventure Writer & Founding Editor: Outside Magazine)

By October 25, 2020October 28th, 2020One Comment

Tim Cahill is one of the best writers of his generation. His work is funny, surprising, and deep. I first read him back in the 80s, when I was a young dirtbag hitchhiking to Alaska in search of adventure and a disgusting job. (Found both.) He’s inspired generations of writers, travelers, and humorists. Here’s a terrific piece Tim wrote recently about creativity, the importance of story, and his experience of dying in the Grand Canyon.

Here’s a link to Tim’s conversation with Kyle Thiermann.

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One Comment

  • A friend of mine used to own one of the paintings that John Wayne Gacy made while he was in prison. My friend thought it was a cool conversational item, but eventually realized that behind that painting was a lot of pain suffered by innocent victims, so he finally got rid of it.

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