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Tangentially Speaking

450 – Whitney Lake (Inventor / High-School Buddy)

By November 21, 202010 Comments

“Hey Chris, this is Whitney. I love the podcast! You should come visit me in the pyramid next time you’re in Montana.”

It had been four decades since I’d heard from Whitney Lake, who was a legend at Cazenovia High School in 1979-80. His reputation for brilliant disruption greeted me when I moved to town, halfway through senior year. He still excels at brilliant disruption. He lives in a pyramid he designed himself, is a multi-instrumentalist, designs and builds string instruments, wind turbines, and various other devices (patents pending). Dude is mad smart, funny, charming, and generous. And his BBQ sauce is amazing! Learn more about his work at

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  • Drloud says:

    Hey Chris
    Great interview with Whit! Thanks for making it happen! Here’s to a better world through intelligent attention. Love forgiveness and understanding…

  • I think the scientist you were referring to is Daryl Bem, social psychologist and professor emeritus at Cornell University. One of his latest experiments involved showing randomized images of graphic porn to the test subjects, and his study concluded the subjects were physiologically reacting to the images fractions of a second *before* they appeared on the screen. Of course, skeptoid idiots like James ‘the Amazing’ Randi criticized the results.

    This is a such an amazing interview. I’m 53 minutes into it and if there are no mention of Whitney’s UFO experiences (I’m assuming a guy like him HAS GOT TO HAVE at least a few) I am going to be pissed! 😛

    • Oh Shit! Past Lives!!! *Salivating*

      I just sent a link of this episode to my buddy Mike Clelland, who has a podcast in Whitley Strieber’s network. He has a fascinating story of going to a past life hypnotic regression therapy session which, according to him,, cured him of his clinical depression.

  • Very interesting conversation.

    I especially liked the twin thing. Many ancient cultures had a high regard for twins, the Popol Vuh of the Maya comes to mind but I know there are many more.

  • Hanna W says:

    Wonderful podcast 🙂 Would love to be a timetraveler aswell 🙂

    Thanks guys

  • Gian Mercado says:

    Little bit too much woo-woo for this year. Didn’t know Chris really was that open to such speculative nonsense. How many poor little shitty families have sons and and daughters who claim to have lived past lives? It’s a common sham in developing countries, seriously.

  • Niketa says:

    Brilliant! I’m listening to this episode as I’m working in my kitchen….
    “That puts a little garlic in the sauce.”….
    I could listen to Whitney all day.
    Thanks Chris!

  • Jasmine Primavera says:

    Scientists can be bought and paid for, Chris. Please interview Arthur Firstenberg, author of “The Invisible Rainbow,” and Thomas Cowan & Sally Fallon Morell authors of “The Contagion Myth.” Thank you.

  • Ian Stevens also investigated children who remembered past lives in ‘privileged’ developed countries, too. One of the most famous stories in his books is that of a kid who remembered being a Hollywood actor, and actually resented the fact that his parents’ home wasn’t as big as the mansion in Beverly Hills he used to own.

    Here’s an article about British comedian John Cleese, or Monty Python’s fame, talking with Dr. Jim Tucker, the man who carried on with Ian Stevens’s investigation on reincarnation.

    Bottomline, the research is solid and it represents a genuine mystery to Science –mind you, it doesn’t ‘prove’ Reincarnation is real, because maybe these kids are ‘tapping into’ knowledge about these past lives by means we don’t understand. And here it’s interesting to consider what Madame Blavatsky thought about death, and how when someone dies he or she discards their ego as if it were the skin of a snake. Maybe those kids are getting psychically entangled in those discarded past memories.

  • david russo says:

    what a moving, inspiring, illuminating conversation. thank-you.

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