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Tangentially Speaking

451 – Dr. Ted Achacoso (Physician / Health Optimization Pioneer)

By November 30, 2020One Comment

Dr. Ted Achacoso attained a college degree in biology at the age of 18 and a doctor of medicine at the age of 22.

A polymath who has professionally trained in interventional neuroradiology, pharmacology, neurology, medical informatics, neuro-interventional radiology interventional endocrinology, and nutritional medicine. Dr. Achacoso’s current mission revolves around HOMe: “Health Optimization Medicine”.

Instead of waiting for a patient to develop a reason for medicine, Dr. Achacoso hopes to swing the pendulum towards optimizing health by detecting and correcting imbalances in your body (hormones, nutrients, toxins, etc).

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Music: “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range, “Where Is the Love?,” by Black Eyed Peas; “Smoke Alarm,” by Carsie Blanton.

One Comment

  • Well, this was more of a monologue than a dialogue, but it was an interesting episode nonetheless.

    I liked your idea of sending poets and artists into outer space instead of engineers. Especially seems space CAN make artists out of engineers.

    Apollo astronaut Alan Bean realized the best way he could convey the awe he experienced when being on the Moon was by becoming a painter. And, of course, we all know of the ‘Samadhi’ experience of Edgar Mitchell when he had the chance to see the whole of planet Earth and sensed the ‘oneness’ between himself, our world and everything that exists.

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