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Tangentially Speaking

489 – Sean Guerrero (Sculptor / Filmmaker / Rascal)

As a kid Sean was fascinated by the look of the cars that were built in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. The shape and design gave each one it’s own personality. He never would have imagined that he would one day make a living off of them the way he does. Using cut up sections of those old brilliant chrome bumpers, he reshapes and welds their pieces into larger than life sculptures, preserving their essence. Follow Sean on Instagram.

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Music: “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range;Lost Cause,” by Beck; “Smoke Alarm,” by Carsie Blanton.

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  • Sean is a very talented artist. As someone who is interested in the phenomenon of psychometry (the idea that objects can get ‘imbued’ with the personality of their owners/makers) the idea he gives a second life to discarded things he discovers in his wanderings to the desert sounds very interesting.

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