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492 – Cameron Shayne (Budokon Movement / Charlie Sheen’s Bodyguard)

By September 2, 2021One Comment

Come for the yoga, stay for the Charlie Sheen impersonation. Cameron Shayne is considered the father of the Mixed Movement Arts culture. Based in Los Angeles, CA, during the 90’s, at the time the mecca for yoga in the Western world, Cameron established himself as one of the pioneering voices and transmitters of contemporary yoga, martial arts and the movement culture. He is the movement coach for the Bellator world champion Lovato Jr. fight team as well as Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, Slash, Courtney Cox, Rene Russo, Meg Ryan and Jennifer Aniston and Olympians Kerrie Walsh-Jennings and Sugar Ray Leonard. He currently lives and runs Budokon Big Sky Retreat Center with his wife Budokon University Director Melayne Shayne.

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Intro music: “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range. Additional music: “Night Moves,” by Bob Segar; “Smoke Alarm,” by Carsie Blanton.

One Comment

  • It was, like always, a fascinating conversation. But I still don’t understand how Cameron solves the issue of ‘discovered’ meaning versus ‘directed’ meaning, seeing how he puts so much emphasis in third-party input –the praise one gets from mentors and peers based on our given performance.

    In the example he gave with his friend who used to be a professional basketball player, being in the ‘top of the world’ as an NBA athlete and using the ‘gift’ of his genes which gave him an edge over his competitors, Cameron made it clear this guy hated playing the game. So where does FULFILLMENT in what you do come into play, or is Cameron suggesting we just need to learn to love only the things we’re good at?

    See, this is when I was waiting for you to bring up that Netflix series “The Last Dance” so we could learn how he feels about Michael Jordan, a guy who was the greatest athlete in basketball history and now is bitter old man living all alone.

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