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Hi Chris,

I apologize if you have mentioned this before, but I was wondering if there are any certifications/training programs for those that are interested in facilitating psychedelic ceremonies and post ceremony therapy? As ridiculous as it sounds, I am in the strength and conditioning field, but find myself acting more as a lifestyle/health coach lately. I have benefited immensely from psychedelic use and have had “notions” (words fail me, hard to explain what was experienced during ceremonies) that my journey will include helping others experience psychedelics. Although I wouldn’t describe it as a full out shamanic calling, I know I can relate to a specific population that I train. Many come from an extremely “alpha” community and are skeptical of any “woo woo” or “shrink” kind of stuff. I am not looking to turn this into a profession, and ideally I could just send my athletes down to the jungle, but to say they have trust problems might be an understatement. In short, I would like to have some basic entry level training, so when the time arises, I can help an unique population see the benefits of such medicines. I appreciate any comments or advice you have.

In gratitude,