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Hi Chris, thanks for the video response! In short, the idea of personality types has been introduced by Carl Jung, who layed out the basics for mapping out personality traits in people. Than later Isabel Myers Briggs and her mother (Myers Brigs Type Indicator), elaborared on that. So they came up with different functions (introversion(I) or extraversion(E), thinking(T) or feeling(F), sensing(S) or intuition(I), judging(J) or percieving(P). And depending upon a persons ‘preferences’, a person falls in either of 16 possible types, with certain ‘fucntion stacks’ for each type wich are explained in detail.

Anyway, when I was first discovering about it I was quite amazed by the traits described that I recognized in myself, and traits I don’t recognize in myself, but definetly see in others. And then there of course there are deep rabbit holes on youtube and all, with people going deep into this stuff 🙂

What you are saying about the danger of ‘adjusting your perception of the world, to accomodate the tools you happen to be using’, and getting ‘immersed in a certain way of thinking’ is very true with this kind of thing, because that is exactly what is happening! It’s like putting a pair of glasses on, as in the movie They Live, and not being able to putting them off again. But, keeping that in the back of your mind, I do see value in mapping out personalities like that, to get a basic overview on how people are different from each other.

Next to MBTI, there are diffent systems like socionics (sort of mbti plus but a bit too far fetched for me), ennagram (a bit simpler but pretty cool as well), and the big five (which doesn’t really work for me.)

I’ve never got into astrology so on my turn I can’t really talk about that!

I must say that I do enjoy putting a certain pair of glasses on, and see the world in a different way. I always wonder what type of glasses there are still out there, which I havn’t discovered yet. Provably loads of them 🙂