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Hi Chris,

When you came to the Big Island, the question I asked you was something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I had written it down and edited it until I felt as though I had reached a satisfying level of economy of words. To be fair, I think this is a question that too should be thought about and given a sufficient amount of time and energy to answer.

You oftentimes talk about feeling as though the culture is coming back full-circle, with full-circle being a euphemism for the return to the application of knowledge our ancestors, and hunter-gatherers, already had/have. Evidence of this can be found with paradigm shifts regarding: the Monday through Friday work (especially at a physical location) schedule, the give a company 40 years and retire with that company motto, the standard diet, marriage, monogamy, the individualistic culture, and so much more. I concur with you that things seem to be changing. The 1960s 2.0 movement or something. I wonder how Terence McKenna would view, and wax poetically about, the culture today. I remember his speech calling for people to WAKE UP and for the intelligentsia to push back against standard narratives.

My question was:
For those who wish to speed up this full-circle change, and/or impact it positively somehow, what advice would you give individuals to assist/impact this?
I remember when Obama did a Town Hall in Ohio where he was talking about reducing oil consumption. He said that individuals can help with reducing global energy consumption by ensuring the tires on their vehicles are properly inflated. I found this to be an excellent example of something that is simple and contributes to something much bigger.
Do you think there is something individuals can do to assist with this, what seems to be, culture crisis. What micro do you believe individuals can do that’ll impact the macro? Also, how can we ensure we don’t go too far into tolerance that we may emerge as intolerant? One anecdote I’ll share is that I have a relative in Oregon who absolutely hates going to Portland. He drives an SUV, which has been on the receiving end of eggs and rocks in Portland from people who believe he’s destroying the planet with his SUV. He drives this SUV because he tows his camper around the United States and sleeps where he parks.

Thanks again for the beers on the Big Island and feel free to hit me up if ever you come back to the Islands.