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hunter k.

Hey Chris,

Have you heard of Dr. Bruce Lipton? He wrote the books “Biology of Belief” and “Wisdom of your cells: How your beliefs control your biology.” He was on Joe Rogan’s podcast way back when episode 165. I am not sure if you maybe referenced him in your book I am less than 100 pages in as I do not have as much time to read lately and decided to order the book rather than audiobook. Anyway, I am listening to the wisdom of your cells audio book by Dr Lipton and wow do I see serious comparisons between what he is saying about our cells and bodies and what you say about corporations being organisms. It is seriously too much to even mention and I am not good at recounting it coherently, so I think you should really look him up and DEFINITELY get him on the podcast. I truly think you and the listeners would love what he has to say. For example, he talks about how our gut bacteria makes us the community we really are, not the individual we think we are. He says that the more we get away from the nature the worst of we are. He also discusses how evolution was about cooperation, not competition. He discuses the environment, perception and how it creates our reality, and he demonstrates this in a “good” scientific way. Obviously he discuses the placebo and how our thinking influences our lives in a fundamental way. It is truly some amazing stuff to listen to and learn. I just rambled out the list so you could see the connection I made to the things you say and write about and the type of research he has done in life. Again I think he would be such a great guest to have on the podcast.

Thanks Chris,