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Since the forum is not floaded with questions yet, here’s an other one!

Do you have insights in how hunter/gatherer groups would deal with conflict amongst its members? You know, this guy likes this woman, but she’s not into him and has sex with some other guys, just not him and he gets deeply jealous. Or this guy is a bossy asshole, he insists that they should put the camp here, and an other guy who hates his guts wants to put the camp over there. Or this woman is a quite the loner, goes away from a group who are gathering fruits, and the other woman start gossipping that she’s strange. Or this guy, he dances for the rain to come, but these other guys see him as worthless because he’s not catching any pigs…and they all deal with this feelings of hatred toward each other, to a point where it becomes unbearable, but they just have to live with each other.

You’ve mentioned that it often happened that people would move from tribe to tribe. Do you know of any other ways they deal with conflict?