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I’m sure how this will be displayed on the forum, so I’m responding to this question.

I’ve know people who have been wrecked by bad trips, and coming from them I think a good thing to do would be to find a therapist. Find someone that can give you techniques to deal with these feeling, and that will help you to work through them.

“Hi Chris, i have been listening to your podcast since early last year and i love it. I listened to most of the back catalogue whilst I was on the Camino de Santiago along with the DTFH and the Drunken Taoist podcast, and between all three, you really have dramatically changed my life. I really felt like i was forming a healthy balance view on what it is to experience this life.
I have had problems with heroin and most other drugs for a long time. I have been ‘clean’ for a while now but temptation is always there and I substitute with other things. I tried DMT this year in the hope of some Miracle cure, but instead it took me to a very dark place and I haven’t quite been the same since (this was a few months ago). I have flashbacks frequently and very nihilistic periods but also have, I believe, the ability to experience far more intense pleasure from ‘simple’ things such as the colour of autumn leaves or a night sky. This is, I suppose, a two fold question …. do you have any advice on how to deal with difficult trips and the aftermath, and also what are your thoughts on ego death being painful, or indeed the concept of ego death its self . Thank you so much for the podcast Chris, you really are there when we need you sometimes, please keep it up.
Sending love to you and all the other listeners around the world ..James from England”