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Hey Chris! Love this podcast, hope you and your fans are doing alright in these strange times.

My question pertains to responsibility towards the ones you love, (friends, family) and dealing with their negative situations:

How proactive should one be in solving loved-ones’ issues? For example, if they’re dealing with addiction, should you bring it up? Should you do an intervention TV-style? Should you just be there if they need it? etc… What about if they’re stuck in a crappy marriage with kids? Should you confront their partner? Talk about it? Just visit every once in a while?

I have really a hard time gauging if I’m not pro-active enough in people’s lives, and it’s easy to feel guilt you know. I’m always ready to help out anyone, anytime, but if they don’t ask, man I don’t feel like bringing up those conversations. I’m not sure if I avoid those because I hate situations with heavy emotional content (programmer here). Or if I feel it won’t be fruitful. Or if I feel it’s not my problem. Again, don’t know how to gauge these things…