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Hi Chris,
Long time listener, first time… Caller? Anyway, my question is around your new book and the theme of what has civilization gotten us. Although I agree with your premise almost 100%, I can’t help to play devil’s advocate. As I have been contemplating the differences between Hunter-gather life vs today’s Western civilization, one thing I see that we have is more knowledge(although far from complete) about the Earth, the universe, evolution, science, etc than people in those societies. The debate can be had whether or not our “progess” has been worth this knowledge accumulation or the debate on whether this knowledge has to be tied to civilization necessarily. Im not sure. It also seems that in a lot of ways, the more we learn, the more difficult it can be to live a simple, happy life. But for the sake of argument, let’s say in the future, the people of Earth build the technology to be able to stop an asteroid from annihilating life on the planet. That would be a good thing for the continuation of the species. I guess my ultimate question is, can we have both the simplicity, harmony, happiness, and other benefits of hunter-gatherer life along with the modern knowledge of atoms, space, chemistry,evolution, etc, etc?