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Hi Chris,

I’ve been really enjoying your WMTBG series! I really think you’re onto something there.

My question is related to your most recent release which discusses “what you can’t say”. The ideas put forward in the essay are contemplations I’ve thought about frequently in my life. I agree that our perception of moral rights and wrongs is totally dependent on the time period/culture we happen to exist in. This extends necessarily to so many facets of how we choose to live our lives; it’s worthwhile to understand that our beliefs and certainties that seem so stable in our cultures are fallible and ever-changing . There is nothing to suggest that future humanity won’t look back on us and judge our way of life as absolutely archaic and wrong. To think otherwise is quite self-indulgent – with how fast the world is developing, we already do it even within lifetimes (OK Boomer).

My question: what do you think are a few things future humanity will think is laughable or just strange about life on Earth in 2020? This is contingent on there actually being a “future humanity” to look back on us.

Few of my thoughts:
– We will look at the way we generally consume and treat animals as morally reprehensible (I’m not a vegan/vegetarian btw).
– Our relationship with garbage and how disattached we are about it (thinking about how much takeout people eat – so much plastic thrown in the trash!).
– Selfish individualism will erode – people will feel more responsibility to the greater community (idealistic) … We are all in this together.

Thanks Chris! I really appreciate the podcast man – I would even go as far as to say it’s my favourite.

Sending cheers from Canada.