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Isotta Cobianco

2 questions about prostitution. I am a 40sh year old Italian woman living in Peru. 1) The man I am dating (slightly older than me) told me he had his first time as a teenager with a hooker, that that was normal then, bc young girls were expected to stay virgin and that was how he and most of his friends started their sexual life, with their fathers and uncles’ blessing. Now his 13 year old nephew is asking him to please taking him to a brothel and he’s seriously thinking about doing it next year. Times have changed but there aren’t that many chances for his nephew to have sex at 14 without paying. What do you make of this? 2) He also told me that at at bachelors parties here it is the norm to go to a brothel and for the groom and some of the other guys to have sex with hookers. The way to decide who is getting land, a part from the groom, is to cast a lot amongst the guys who say they are interested. The bill is shared amongst everyone but the groom. I asked other men here and they all said that this is the tradition here (not sure if it just a South American thing). I find it so strange that there’s such a common (at least here) rite, the existence of which is not publicly acknowledged. Any thoughts?