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I loved the analysis of the essay and was fascinated by the story itself. I loved the lens of power and the found the oscillation of ‘power over’ between each of the characters. Chris did say several times that he’s focused on the young woman because it was written from her point of view, but I think he missed a couple of supercritical pieces:

1. I would love for Chris to address this cultural notion that sex between two persons necessarily implies something deeper/bigger between those two people, rather than allowing sex to be what sex is. Un-named and implied expectations attached to sex are what seems to get people in trouble, mostly because people tend not to always communicate well.

2. The toxic masculinity seeping through at the end of the story. He felt entitled to something and she was too immature to even know her own feelings, let alone communicate them. But he fell off hard and I lost all sympathy for him at the end when he demanded answers, seemed hurt that she could be sleeping with someone else- as if having sex with him suddenly meant her body belonged to him- and then called her a whore. Not cool bro… he lost all moral high ground at that moment.