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Arianna Garofalo

Hey Chris,

Arianna from Florida here. This is in response to your June ROMA when you talked about establishing your lifeboat community. My best friend and I had been planning to buy a few acres of land in New Mexico and do a similar thing. However, lately, we’re really feeling like planting roots in the US might just be stupid. My friend has travelled extensively, and I’ve travelled my fair share. We would both actually prefer to settle down outside of the US, but we had compromised with living around Taos, New Mexico, because it seemed like the most non-US place possible within the US. We’re both aware that financing a piece of land and just generally establishing a life outside of the US is going to take a lot more work. However, I think that’s the direction we’re now headed. Our plan is to wait and see what happens in the November election, which seems to be what you’re doing, too. Personally, I don’t feel any remorse about the idea of abandoning the US, because I hate pretty much everything about this country and I’ve never felt a sense of pride in it. My friend, however, has more reservations, and is afraid of the US truly turning into an unchecked dictatorship if all of us liberals actually leave the country if Trump gets reelected. My friend made the point that could actually affect us, even if we’re living abroad. If Trump wins another election, the whole world might not be safe, not just the US. I guess what I’m asking you is: What the fuck is anyone supposed to do right now? Should we all leave the country? Should we all stay? Just wondering your thoughts. Thanks for being you.