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(Reposting my question from above – got missed on the last ROMA)

Hi Chris!

Have you ever reread a book that was incredibly influential to you when you were younger to find that your present self has a completely different opinion/perspective on it?

I had this experience with “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac. When I first read it as a 21 year old, it radically shook up the way I looked at life and how I wanted to live it. It inspired me to hitch hike and travel extensively over the next few years. When I reread it as a 26 year old, I couldn’t believe how different the experience was. I realized that Jack and Dean were selfish assholes, frequently getting their kicks at the expense of the people who loved them, all in the effort of getting “their kicks”. I had to look myself in the mirror and consider if maybe I wasn’t taking advantage or taking for granted my relationships in a similar way. Now as a 31 year old, I can only imagine what a next reread would be like. Thoughts?

PS. More short stories podcasts pleeeease! 🙂