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Moritz Seifert

Hi Chris, I am interested to get your thoughts on pursuing a masters degree and student loans.

I’m in my mid twenties, have recently finished an undergrad, and I am debating on applying for a Masters in Counselling.

Psychotherapy and Counselling has always interested me because I love working with people, helping people and I am also very interested in different alternative therapies such as Psychosomatic Therapies, Bioenergetics, Jungian Psychology etc.

Moreover, I believe that this occupation would provide my life with a lot more meaning than my current job–which is working in an office as a pencil pusher.

The one thing holding me back is the heaps of student loans that I would acquire after completing my masters, which would be close to 20-40k.

Luckily I’m in Canada so the student loans aren’t as outrageous as they are in the states but still having just paid of 18k in loans for my undergrad, I am a little hesitant to dive right back into debt.

Being the wise elder that you are, I’m hoping you can share some wisdom with me on this.

All the best,