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Yes I think it’s true that we are not designed to live in the modern world. Let’s say that in pre history, our needs were basicly fulfilled. Plenty of birdies, fruits, nuts, seeds etc. We lived in small communities. Live was good, right? Well, I’m not so certain, especially because of the fact that we lived in small communities. Just take a moment, and think about all the possible conflicts that emerge from being in a small community. I lived in a squat with a community of people, and yes, many benefits come with that. But the conflicts can turn it into a living hell. You have to discuss every little thing. This guy is bossy. Or I’m having feelings for this woman, but she doesn’t want to fuck me but she fucks my friend. Just the insane emotional bullshit under the surface. Sometimes I think the whole modern world evolved, from people trying to escape from that.

Imagine living in the same hut as your aunt. And she is snorring like hell. You’d want to build a thick wall between you and her, right? Or imagine a guy who is sick of going hunting with a bunch of guys because he thinks they are assholes. And he decides, you know what, I’m going to find a way to grow my own food, so I don’t have to go out hunting with these fucks anymore. And voila, there was agriculture. Haha, ok I’m oversimplyfying things, but do you think they lived in a constant state of happiness?

About the idea of purpose: well, the thing is that it’s not always being happy working on it. Chris is a good example. He says: only write a book if you really have to! Or learning to play the piano, the exercises can get boring, or your hands start to hurt, but you want to get through with it. Or say you are fighting against animal exploitaition, just the horror you have to deal with, but you do it because you think it’s important.

Anyway, I don’t believe in a constant state of happiness. I also don’t believe that life is just struggle. But I do think that the two states amplify each other.