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Roman Russo

@janvandommelen, I recommend you re-read Christopher Ryan’s book. Personally, I reread them several times, and I can tell you that everything you mention as “possible conflicts that emerge from being in a small community” was addressed there. For example:

1) bossiness was highly discouraged;
2) that girl that you having feelings for, she would probably be happy to have sex with you, with that other guy, and some other people in the community;
3) snoring aunt would either be killed (i’m joking) or she would not snore at all, as snoring might be a symptom of how she leads her modern life (i’m actually not sure about this, but I imagine it can be true),
4) hunting was optional pass time activity, which you would only do if you wanted
5) …

What i’m trying to say is that based on the arguments of Christopher Ryan, you are projecting your current modern world views on the forager pre-agriculture society of the past 😉

, your quote already appeared in this discussion in a different words. Actually, not sure where you got this exact quote, since i’m not sure what you mean by “great symptom”, but when it comes to goal-setting and pursuit of purpose, being busy does not mean that you are automatically unhappy. For example, Elon Musk wants to go to Mars. He may get there in his lifetime, but it is likely that he wont. Does it automatically mean that he should give up on this goal? Does it mean that he should be unhappy? No. Simply pursuing this goal will be one of the most meaningful experiences in his life, meaning that it will make him happy, even if he runs into some setbacks, complications, and drama.