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Yes, you are right, these issues have been adressed. I didn’t miss them. The thing is, is that I am having some doubts, about the actual reality of living it. The community that I lived in, was a community inside of our modern world, with people who grew up inside our modern world. So it is hard to compare, and yes I’m projecting my modern world view on it. But, don’t you think there is some idealisation going on here. I mean, put some people together, and conflicts arise. The girl, would she really sleep with all the guys? The bossiness, from what I can tell it’s kind of an inborn personality trait. People could discourage it, but I geuss they still had to live with it. Hunting just a pass time? Some social pressure involved, maybe? So there were all kind of methods of dealing with human behaviour inside the group, but the people had to be in the middle of it pretty much all the time, you see my point? Was this happiness, or could this be a living hell, also? My geuss is both. But then again, Chris did mention somewhere, that they would have ‘rich emotional lives, we can hardly imagine’, and I geuss that’s true. But it could also be rich in emotional pain/madness. Is that happiness? You tell me 😀

Ok, maybe my view from yesterdays post was a bit too negative. But I am curious about the dark side, and the actual reality of living like hunter gatherers did/do.