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Ah, well this isn’t my personal situation anymore for a few years now. Don’t get me wrong, I had a good time living in that squat! Met fun people, lots a space for creativity, always someone around to talk to or hang out with when you wanted. But I also noticed, that living in a small community, things could get quite difficult, emotionally and all, when conflicts would arise, to the point you felt like you had to walk on eggshelves, or you wanted to avoid this or that person. You would had to discuss again for the 1000th time why the dishes were not done, or why this or that person didn’t pay his share of costs or even discuss if a person had to be kicked out. That’s where my critique comes from, I’m like, hey wait a minute, don’t forget that stuff can get pretty bad, anywhere 😀

About the girl, well it’s just an example about a situation where you could get a bit fucked up, emotionally. I’ll admid, that stuff happened to me, but years ago 😀 In a tribe back in those times, there wouldn’t be that many options maybe, and there wouldn’t be an escape from it, ergo: living hell. But maybe they were happily gangbanging and everyone was welcome, haha.

Butttt I think that people who grew up in that, had probalbly very high skills in dealing with each other, they probably were much better at it than us, who grew up with lots of pricavy, dealing with things behind closed doors and curtains.

Ok, I’m rambling, back to the topic: now what??